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We work to provide the best value pet healthcare possible, ensuring the highest possible standards of care yet a fair price. Some common fees are listed below: for any treatment your pet may require we are happy to provide estimates. Pet Health Club 10% discount only applies to dental procedures, animal health certificates, pet shop sales and geriatric screening tests. 20% off lifetime meds and neutering Healthy Pets Club members get 10% discount off all fees for services and medications provided by the practice.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
First Consultation £50.00 2 Annual Health Checks Included


Castration Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat £88.00 20% off
Rabbit (not giant) £115.00 20% off
Dog 0-25kg £226.00 20% off
Dog 25kg+ £299.00 20% off


Spay Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat (open surgery) £122.00 20% off
Rabbit (open surgery, not giant) £130.00 20% off
Bitch 0-25kg (open surgery) £315.00 20% off
Bitch 25kg+ (open surgery) £390.00 20% off
Laparoscopic (keyhole) spay 0-25kg £545.00 20% off
Laparoscopic (keyhole) spay >40kg £665.00 20% off


Find out more about the difference between keyhole (laparoscopic) and open spay.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Standard Puppy/Kitten Course (2 vaccines) £95.00 Included
Annual Booster Dog/Cat (inc Lepto4 / FeLV) £65.00 Included
Restart Vaccinations Dog/Cat £91.07 Included (limited to 1 restart every 3 years)
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £62.34 Included
Kennel Cough (same time as booster) £35.00 Included
Rabbit Myxo-RHD Plus £96.04 Included
Rabies Booster Vaccination £95.11 N/A